About security
The web site of BioAcademia is constructed to protect personal information of its customers by employmg on advanced system of security so that the customers can use it without worry. we keep the customer's information in a safe date base protected by firewall which prevents illegal invasion from outside.
In order to view this website properly, we recommend that you use one of the following browser versions.
・Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
・Microsoft Mozzila firefox 21
 for IE 8 or more user
Please switching to the compatibility mode on IE8 or more.
 About the handling of Cookie
We are the Cookie information at the terminals of the customers to communicate with the customers and to obtain statistical information about the advertisement
and usage of our Web site. We will not use the infromation forothe purposes.

BioAcademia doesn't assume the responsibility about the damage that the customer suffered by the reason that doesn't depend on our fault though we take the above-mentioned measures for handling and security of information concerning the customer. Please confirm "Privacy Policy" separetely provided when you use the Web site of BioAcademia.
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