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PCNA (Proliferating cell nuclear antigen) is a homotrimeric protein (261 aa; 29 kDa) known to act as a co-factor for DNA polymerase  which is responsible for leading strand DNA replication. PCNA was originally identified as an antigen that is expressed in the nuclei of cells during the DNA synthesis phase of the cell cycle. Crystal structure data suggests that a PCNA homotrimer ring encircles and slides along the DNA double helix. Multiple proteins involved in DNA replication DNA repair and cell cycle control bind to PCNA rather than directly associates with DNA thus facilitating rapid processing of DNA. PCNA is a useful marker for DNA synthesis and some cancers. It is highly conserved among most amimals.
Applications confirmed:
1. Functional studies on DNA replication recombination and repair. (Ref 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10).
2. Identification of proteins interacting with PCNA by using PCNA –conjugated resin. (Ref 1 5)
3. Ubiquitination targets (Ref 4 9 10).
4 SDS-PAGE (Fig. 1). 5. Western blot (Fig. 2) . 6. Dot blot. 7. ELISA. Not tested for other applications.
20 ug
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